Elder Creek Landscapes
stepping towards sustainability



Elder Creek is a full-service, landscape architecture firm. Our team offers a creative approach to ecologically literate landscapes and a solid foundation in the practical application and buildability of our designs. From Master Planning to construction details, from a small front yard to a large and complex ranch, we have your every design need covered.


Master Planning                   Conceptual Plans

Planting Plans                      Irrigation

Lighting                               Rainwater Catchment

Hardscape                           Pools / Spas

Decks                                  Drainage Grading

Ponds                                  ADA

Roads / Parking                  Soil Fertility and Hydration Systems

Greywater                           Restoration

Food Production


our signature design style?

We merge our individual client needs and desires with the architecture and the surrounding ecology. This can mean a landscape that blends seamlessly with its natural surroundings or a modern design with strong lines, juxtaposing itself against the soft natural forms of its surroundings, or a formal landscape sitting within an established neighborhood. Each client, each site, is a unique experience and we approach it as such.

after the design...

After finishing the design process we can guide your project from bid acquisition to finished product.

We create budgets and schedules, manage/approve all invoices prior to payment, deal with all government regulatory agencies, facilitate weekly team meetings with all prime contractors and project stake holders, and handle any issues that arise during the process. After completion of the project, we provide the clients with as-built packages, photos, and a user's manual for the project


build/project management

Rick's decades of experience in construction allows Elder Creek to have an unrivaled Build/Project Management Division.

Our build services extend well beyond the standard. We manage, not only the entire landscape process, but pools, septic systems, utility trenches, wells, grading, civil engineering and geotechnical services, and financial management as well. 

If it is required to develop a piece of land, chances are we have probably already managed it. 

We have an extensive network of engineers and service providers in almost every phase of landscape and general construction and work hard to keep healthy relationships with these professionals and governing bodies. 


design + build + ECO-LITERACy = sustainable land development

As the foremost Sustainable Land Development team in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are specialists in the interface between the construction process and how it effects the land. 

In addition to the standard landscape architectural design services, we also work with the project team offering guidance on the construction infrastructure planning process. We then operate in parallel with the General Contractor, managing all construction processes that interface with the land, neighbor relations, government oversight, overall schedules, and budgets.

We are there from the very placement of the first construction trailer, through excavation and grading for the home. From utility trenching and septic systems, to drainage, roof water, and roads. We continue to carry the project through the completion of the landscape, down to placing the last plant. 

Why is this important? i have not heard of this before

Construction infrastructure processes have an enormous impact on the land. They often cause serious soil compaction, altering of waterways, and can irreversibly harm existing trees and the surrounding environment. This does not have to happen.

Effective management of the installation of these systems is a completely different skill than managing the construction of the structure itself. It requires a deep understanding of ecology, soil science, arboriculture, as well as the practical understanding of the sequencing and relationships of the construction process. 

In addition to traditional landscape architecture scopes of work, our team specializes in managing the design and installation of septic systems, utility trenches, excavating, grading, arboriculture, and soil protection. These systems are not a periphery scope of work for us, they are our specialty and we take their management very seriously. Our team knows land based work the way General Contractors know their structures. As experts.

consultation services

Rick and his team offer a wide range of consulting services. It can be as simple as walking though your property discussing plant additions and irrigation management, to working with you and your ranch team to implement broad acre erosion control, restoration techniques, perennial food systems, ecological grazing or water harvesting plans. Rick has extensive experience with owner builders, If you are planning on installing a design yourself, Rick has a system to guide you all the way through. Material lists, discounted material acquisition / delivery, drawings, order of work documents, on-site training and general oversight can all be provided.